Text Size

Papers submitted to TJER for publication should be up to 30 double-spaced printed pages.
Full length papers consist of title, author(s) affiliation(s), abstract, keywords, introduction, body, conclusions, references, list of figures and table captions, and original figures and tables for reproduction.
The paper may also include appendices, nomenclature, and acknowledgments.

The references should be included at the end of the manuscript and must be listed alphabetically by last name of first author. Reference items should be prepared in the following order:

  • Last names and initials of all authors
  • Year of publication;
  • Title of paper, report, or book (book chapter),
  • Volume and issue numbers.

For the equations, please use the equation editor of MS-WORD.
All figures and tables must be cited in the body of the paper.
If an acronym that has not already been defined in the text appears in a Figure/Table, it should be defined in the caption at its first use. Unfamiliar abbreviations should be avoided.