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Submission of manuscript can be done either in hard or soft (electronic) formats. Author(s) are requested to send 3 copies of the manuscript for hard copy submission or an e-mail to the Editor-In-Chief with an electronic version of the manuscript preferably in a pdf format. More details on the manuscript preparation can be found by following the "Paper Format" link on the main menu. The letter/e-mail should also indicate the followings:

  1. The title of the paper, followed by the name of the authors, to be submitted for publication in the "The Journal of Engineering Research" as a regular paper, a short communication, a technical note, or a letter-to-the editor.
  2. The complete name, affiliation, address, phone number, fax number, and email address (if possible) of the corresponding author. If the address is not in Latin (Roman) alphabet, a self-addressed mailing label should be provided. This could facilitate and expedite correspondence (forget about this if the address could be in English).

You can submit online your papers for review any time. To do so, please click on the 'Online Submission' button in the main menu.

Ultimately, the Journal is to be published quarterly. However, it will start annually. Each issue of the journal will contain about 10 regular papers in addition to other contributions.

A carefully well-written manuscript may take as little as four to six months from the date of submission to the date of accepting the manuscript. This is very much dependent on the response of the referees and the willingness of the author(s) to make the necessary revisions in a timely manner. If extensive revision is needed this will increase the time frame according to the authors' response and the availability of the reviewer to re-evaluate the manuscript. In general it is expected that it will take about a year from the submission of a manuscript to its publication. Efforts will be made to keep author(s) posted on the progress of their manuscript as it makes its way through the publication process.