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Different Zoom Approaches for Improving Spectral Resolution with Applications in Radar Signal Processing
A. Hossen and U. Heute

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Boron Steel: An Alternative for Costlier Nickel and Molybdenum Alloyed Steel for Transmission Gears
A. Verma, K. Gopinath and S.B. Sarkar

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Exploring Possible Seasonal Trends in Mortality Rate in Relation to Age, Gender and Environmental Conditions in Kuwait: A Preliminary Analysis
N. Al-Rifaia, A. Elmi and A.R. Khan

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Effective Flange Width for Composite Steel Beams
T. Salama, R.A. Khan and M.L. Aggarwar 

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5- Influence of Residual Stress on Fatigue Design of AISI 304 Stainless Steel
L. Singh, R.A. Khan and M.L. Aggarwal

(pp 44-52)
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6- Neuro-Fuzzy Sensor Fault Diagnosis of an Induction Motor
M. L. Benloucif

(pp. 53-60)
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7- A Simplified Procedure for Reliability Estimation of Underground Concrete Barriers against Normal Missile Impact
N. A. Siddiqui

(pp. 61-73)
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8- Class-E Amplifier Design Improvements for GSM Frequencies
Z. Nadir and F. Touati

(pp. 74-82)
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9- A New Universal Second-Order Filter using Configurable Analog Building Blocks (CABs) for Filed-Programmable Analogue Arrays
M. T. Abuelma'atti and O. O. Fares
(pp. 83-91)
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