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Complexity Analysis of Industrial Organizations Based on a Perspective of Systems Engineering Analysts
I. H. Garbie* and A. A. Shikdar

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CFD Analysis of Water Solitary Wave Reflection
K. Smida*a, H. Lamloumib, Z. Hafsiab and K. Maalelb

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Prediction of Hourly Solar Radiation on Horizontal and Inclined Surfaces for Muscat/Oman
N.Z. Al-Rawahi*, Y.H. Zurigat and N.A. Al-Azri

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Load-Displacement Curves of Spot Welded, Bonded, and Weld-Bonded Joints for Dissimilar Materials and Thickness
E.A. Al-Bahkali

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Flow Asymmetry in Symmetric Multiple Impinging Jets: A Large Eddy Simulation Approach
N. Kharoua and L. Khezzar
(pp 40-48)

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Transition of Gas-Liquid Stratified Flow in Oil Transport Pipes
D. Lakehal, M. Labois, D. Caviezel and B. Belhouachi
(pp. 49-58)

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Physics of Breakups in Liquid Column and Sheet
M. Ali, M.Q. Islam and M. Khadem
(pp. 59-65)

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Adaptive compensator of Single State Elastoplastic Friction Model
A.A. Abouelsoud, J. Abdo and R.Zaier

(pp. 66-73)

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