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Thermal Performance of Solar Hot Water System Using A Flat Plate Collector of Accelerated Risers

KE Amori and NS Jabouri


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 2.  Performance of Porous Breakwaters: Application of BOUSS-2D Model 
R Balaji
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3. Classification of Statis Security Status Using Multi-Class Support Vector Machines 

S Kalyani and KS Swarup

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4. Preparation and Usage of Polyaluminum Chloride as a Coagulating Agent

SK Al-Dawery and OH Al-Joubori

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Optimal Machining Parameters for Achieving the Desired Surface Roughness in Turning of Steel

LB Abhang and M Hameedullah


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6. Oxydehydrogenetion of Propane over Vanadium Oxide Supported on Kieselguhr or MCM-41

BY Jibril, A Atta, SA Al-Dress, MC Al-Kinany and HA Megren


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Dynamic Analysis and Vibration of Beam Inside Annulus for Ultra Short-Radius Water  Jet Drilling

T Pervez, SA Al-Hiddabi, A Al-Yahmadi and AC Seibi


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8. Effect of Process Parameters on Depth of Penetration in Gas Tungsten Arc Welded (GTAW) 202 Grade Stainless Steel Plates Using Response Surface Methodology

R Sudhakaran, V Vel-Murugan and PS Sivasakthivel


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