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Selectivity and Activity of Iron Molybdate Catalysts in Oxidation of Mathanol
Khalid Khazzal Hummadi, Karim H. Hassan and Phillip C.H. Mitchell
(pp. 1-7)

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Cadmium Adsorption on HDTMA Modified Montmorillionite
Mohd. Elmuntasir I. Ahmed

(pp. 8-14)

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An Electronic Method for Measuring the Fit of Removable Partial Denture Frameworks to Dental Casts 
Robert J. Williams, Tahseen Rafik and Zeid Al-Hourani
(pp. 15-20)

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4- Extreme Waves In The Arabian Gulf
S. Neelamani, K. Al-Salem and K. Rakha
(pp. 21-36)
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5- Recycling of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Portland Cement Concrete
Salim Al-Oraimi, Hossam F. Hassan and Abdulwahid Hago
(pp 37-45)
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6- Integration of FBG Strain Sensors in WDM Networks, Effects on Quality Factor
Ali Al-Lawati and Hadj Bourdoucen

(pp. 46-50)
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7- Fog and Rain Water Collection from Trees in the Dhofar Region in the Sultanate of Oman
S.A. Abdul-Wahab, H. Al-Hinai, K.A. Al-Najar and M.S. Al-Kalbani
(pp. 51-58)
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8- Dynamic Mechanical Moduli of Residual Softwood-Filled Polystyrene
Mahmoud Abdel-Goad
(pp. 59-65)
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9- Sensitivity of Predicted Maximum Bending Moment to IBC Design Response Spectrum Parameters
Tariq M. Nehhas
(pp. 66-75)
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10- Waste Plastic-Modified Bitumen: Rheological Study
Mahmoud Abdel-Goad
(pp. 76-81)
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